Should a Nigerian relocate to a foreign country in search of better opportunities? Has God purposed that you should remain in Nigeria, because you were born here? People have often asked me these questions. In this article, I respond.

I believe purpose and destiny evolve and change based on proclamations from God, negotiations with God, environmental circumstances and personal responsibility. At every juncture in life, it is important to find out what God is saying, specifically. The truth is, there are very few people whom God will use as the tip of the spear in any programme. Some people will be recorded in history as, “John begat Mary”. Others will have an entire chapter written about them. That’s just life. The man in the line does not have any less purpose than the man in the chapter.

Has God told you that your purpose is tied to living in Nigeria? What have your discussions and negotiations with him revealed? Have you ever laid out your life before him to discuss where you would prefer to live or work? What did he say?

What are your environmental factors like? You would agree with me, that refugees and those seeking asylum are not truncating their purpose by leaving their countries of birth.

Sometimes, the desire for better education and family opportunities may lead you outside Nigeria. If your dream is to become an aeronautical engineer, what are you still doing here? Whether you return or not shouldn’t be your first consideration. Your first thought should be, “What will I tell God if I fail to achieve my potential?” If a sportsman believes that he will achieve his full potential by competing for another country, it is entirely within his purview to make his choice. It is his talent, his effort and his life on the line.

Nigeria has 170 million people. She will not readily remember one man who sacrifices his talent for her. We have not yet gotten to the point where we significantly mourn the loss of human capital or actively develop it. Go and develop your talent and become prosperous. If you choose to return to use your resources in service to your country, that would be commendable.


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