There are a few things on my mind today.

Sex and fame are opportunistic. They come when you least expect them. It stands to reason then, that you shouldn’t wait to decide what to do at the point when either is offered to you. You should develop parameters for your decision-making a long time beforehand.

I’ve always assumed that character was subject to the The Law of Demand & Supply. Because of its rarity in Nigeria, it ought to be valued. Unfortunately, Nigeria has a way of turning laws on their heads. Character here appears synonymous with “foolish”. This is a generalisation. It seems worse in relationships, within popular culture. Here, when a woman insists on principles and values, because there is a surfeit of feminine flesh, the response is likely to be, “Your own is too much.” Then the man moves on to easier pickings.

People give up on character all the time in Nigeria. Not because they become bad but because they realise there is little appreciation of value. They discover they can succeed, nonetheless. They find that God being forgiving, will forgive them. Why give 100% when nobody even understands 50%? One day, they look in the mirror and know they’ve changed. They were tired of the burden of being different.

I believe good people must band together in this country, otherwise, the sense of isolation will discourage them.

People give up on Nigeria because they realise there’s little appreciation for value. Click To Tweet Sex and fame are opportunistic. They come when you least expect them. Click To Tweet