Allowing a self-audit from time to time, is a very helpful tool for personal growth and advancement.

Know Your Pros And Cons

I’m choleric and prone to snap judgments. But this is a bad way to lead. Good leadership gives the benefit of the doubt while remaining open-minded. It believes the best of others.

I’m also highly driven. While this allows me to move quickly, there is a danger of leaving the unintended wreckage of hurt people behind. Sometimes, patience is required to explain why decisions are taken.

This self-audit is making my growth better. I’m not interested in a “that’s the way I am” rigidity. I’m more focused on constant growth.

I am also learning to refrain from judgment. This is because judging others assumes your values and beliefs are the best or only way. It doesn’t give others space to live according to their own ideals, no matter how disagreeable to you.

Learn to “Judge Not”

Judgment tends to be accompanied by a tinge of condemnation. It is a negative spirit. A better way is to dispassionately collect information. It is possible to comment on another’s beliefs and to share your own without making them feel less than. Endeavor to adopt a self-audit in your growth process. If they are not your cup of tea, you can move on with grace.

To be fair, the onus is not solely on you. Some people are not wholly comfortable with their lives and so feel judged despite attempts at delicacy. Their hearts condemn them and discussions make them defensive.

But the lesson to take away from this is that your way is not the only way. No matter how strongly you hold your views, other people have the right to reject them. So don’t take it personally.

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For more, please read

No matter how strongly you hold your views, other people have the right to reject them. So don't take it personally. Click To Tweet

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