I had a boyfriend who taught me a valuable lesson.

We were supposed to view our first lunar eclipse together. We agreed he would pick me up at 2am, when the eclipse was scheduled to happen. We would go to our special place to view it. Unfortunately, we missed it. We fought the previous day and so, assuming I was not on speaking terms with him, my boyfriend failed to show up or give me a wake up call, and so I slept through the night.

This was significant for me, because eclipses don’t happen everyday. Missing it really hurt me. But I learned something. A break in communication in a relationship, may lead to missed opportunities and serious consequences. Nowadays, I’m more mindful of this.

When I’m irritable and ornery, I communicate. When I’m angry or pissed, I communicate. When I’m shy, I communicate. When I’m busy, I still communicate. I have learned to say what I want and to be clear about what I mean. I remember the eclipse.

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