This message is for men who try to save women and for women who try to save men.

You’re interested in or dating someone right now but there’s a check in your spirit. You know the dots don’t add up and you feel slightly troubled. You suspect the person you’re with may be involved in dark arts. You gloss it over by convincing yourself that you can be a tool of love and evangelism to them. Error.

There are different types of Satan’s agents. If you are a child of God, you will meet them in life. If you are a child of God with a significant role to play on earth, you will meet them many times.

There are those who are completely sold out to Satan. In the same way you are born again and grafted into Jesus, they are grafted into Satan. They are completely covenanted to him. Satan has proprietary rights over them and they are his property. You cannot own them or be covenanted to them in marriage. Satan won’t allow it. If you end up marrying them, your marriage will break and they will return to their first love – Satan.

The second type of people were dedicated to Satan at birth. They had nothing to do with it and they are victims. When they reach the age of accountability and receive the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ, they are able to make a decision whether to follow Christ (and be delivered) or to remain in their relationship with Satan.

Then there are those who are tantalised by riches and power. Manipulating people thrills them. They use Satan’s power to entrap men and women through sex, food and attention. They make money off their incantations and hidden charms. It’s hard to sustain a wholesome relationship with them. They are rapaciously greedy and exist to suck people dry, shatter their destinies, then move on. They are incredibly self-centred and have ugly souls. However, they channel the spirit of lust to blind people to who they really are. These agents specialise in people who have unusually bright futures. They target and use those who can be a stepping stone to reach others with unusually bright futures.

If you find yourself just sleeping with someone and doing nothing else in the relationship or sleeping with someone who doesn’t fit any of your other relationship specs besides sex or sleeping with someone who consistently cheats on you yet you keep taking them back, you’ve met one of them.

When you happen upon any of the aforementioned people, run. Take responsibility for your life and flee. Do not take on any burden God has not given you. Do not mistake evangelism for relationship.

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