I shared with a friend the other day, that I used to run away from God. I felt that if I opened up to him completely, he would “take over” my life and I wouldn’t be in control anymore ???.

I was also intimidated and overwhelmed by him. No sooner had I grasped a revelation about him than he would give another. The information and wisdom were too much.

Lately, I’ve realised that even though God technically owns me and is in control whether I like it or not, he does not want to take over my life. He wants to give me his. 

This perspective has subtly changed the way I relate to God. I’ve found that when I listen to him, life unfolds more smoothly. When he gives his opinion, he’s always right and shows me perspectives I never considered. When I spend time with his word, I experience such peace and understanding.

Now, I use God’s life to live mine. I no longer do guilt. Instead, I daily commit my frailties and mistakes to God. I look to him to help me experience the best of life.

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