I negotiated the roundabout in Lekki, narrowly missing a commercial bus. As I squeezed past, a jaywalker leapt out from nowhere and I braked hard to avert a disaster.

Just like life, you sidestep some trouble only to encounter more soon after. Trial comes in waves and you wonder when you’ll finally be able to catch a breath.

When life overwhelms me, I talk to a friend; vocalising my pain. I also allow myself the luxury of a good time. It provides a much needed break – hours with no trouble, negativity or sorrow. I switch off my phone and focus on random chitchat.

Talking to a friend also clarifies my thoughts and perspectives. By articulating what’s “doing me”, I distance myself from it. I’m forced to think structurally and consider the issues the way an outsider might. By asking questions or sharing their experiences, my friend also forces me to question my assumptions and cracks open a glimmer of hope.

Friends don’t solve your problems (even though we wish they could). But, they make life’s load much easier to bear. Maybe you’re the friend who needs to be there for someone who’s down. Perhaps you need to take someone out to dinner or a movie and spoil them a little. Who knows?

Friends don’t solve your problems but they make life’s load easier to bear. Click To Tweet