People are a major factor in project management. In this article, I’ll share a little bit about it.

At the start of a new project, DON’T set goals, DON’T develop a calendar, DON’T plan and DON’T strategise. Instead, have an informal session with your team mates. You’re going to work with your team for a while and you’ll place demands on them. So, get to know them first. Assess their strengths, weaknesses, motivations and intentions. Develop a more realistic sense of who you’re working with.

For ongoing projects, spend some time on social outings. Bond, build loyalty and give your people a much deserved break.

Document instructions. Call or meet 1-on-1 to ensure understanding. Do not assume.

When there’s a persistent breakdown of processes, it’s a clear sign you should change your unit head or revamp the entire process.

Regularity of meetings is key; whether virtual or in person. They should however be focused and if possible, brief. Enter these meetings into the team’s diary. Sometimes, scheduled meeting times can be used for training or mentoring, so they are important.

Ensure your team adopts global industry standards, so they don’t limit your vision. Someday you may need to forge international collaborations. Your team might stumble if they’re not used to international terms, processes and standards.

After every major deliverable, debrief your team and agree on remedial actions or next steps.

In all things, do remember, the team is more important than the project. A successful team can be deployed many times to deliver great projects. So, build your core team.

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