Recently, I heard my 5-year old nephew singing the GTBank *737# song. I asked where he’d heard it. For context, you should know that my nephew does not watch regular TV programming or listen to the radio. His parents have a Fire Stick so his media entertainment is streamed online. His response was, he heard the tune on YouTube, in between some cartoons he was watching online.

Today, I was looking for an auto workshop that provided wheel balancing and alignment. I instinctively Googled, “Wheel Balancing in Lagos”, with my location switched on. The first entry was an auto workshop close by. It was listed first, because it was registered on Google Business and so, its contact card popped up with a map and phone number.

The reason why your business must be online is because of kids like my nephew. Many times, business loyalty is generational. GTBank owns the young professionals in my generation. Who will own the next one?

My nephew’s habits have already been formed. Technology is an inextricable part of his upbringing. When he says he wants to play, he’s either referring to going outside to look for frogs, or asking that I bring out my tablet to play Subway Surfer with him. Online shopping will therefore be second nature to him, when he is able to buy things. He already trades tokens in games.

You should start designing your business for the next generation if you hope to endure. Part of the process is putting your business online. Stop being afraid of social media and technology.

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