I have an abiding love for crunchy granola that I cannot fully put into words. I’ve also eaten Nasco Cornflakes topped with granola for years. My love for some types of food is consistent. It mirrors the way I love people.

If I love someone or something, my love grows, unless it’s spurned. I’m yet to grasp the concept of a quickly fading love.

The one thing I seem to change regularly is music. I get bored listening to the same songs over and over.

I like visiting new countries, but I cherish favourite destinations as well. I revisit countries when I need to rest my mind, as I walk familiar streets. I explore new ones when I want to lose myself in the happiness of novelty.

I crave the newness of the written word – new books and fresh understanding of old books.

Finally, conversation will never get old. Companionable silence is also peaceful. My friendships are never fueled by activity. I can enjoy company while sipping on coffee, lounging on a couch, chatting on Whatsapp or simply strolling down the street.

I crave the newness of the written word - new books and fresh understanding of old books. Click To Tweet