I dislike the statement – No one is coming to save you – because it presumes no grace, kindness, or hope. It says in this world you’re alone and so, you must take complete responsibility for your life. While this sounds reasonable in theory, it does not acknowledge that sometimes we do need saving.

Epp Me!

In the last three years, I’ve been under so much pressure that I wanted someone, anyone to help me. I had reached my limit and could do nothing more than pray. And maybe because of that feeling, I know how important it is to help others when they are down.

My Visit to Kirikiri

An example of critical help happened a few years ago. I accompanied a friend Zeal, for my first visit to Kirikiri Prison, Lagos. It was part of a humanitarian outreach called “The Angel Project.” What my eyes saw that day can make anyone lose faith in the institutions of the state.

The Angel Project comprised a group of everyday people who settled hospital bills for those who could not afford them. We also paid fines for prisoners serving sentences for non-violent offences, so they could be free.

On this fateful day, we had secured the early release of some prisoners languishing in jail; some for years. They could not afford their court-mandated fines, while others had no legal representation. So, the time they spent awaiting trial exceeded their supposed sentence, if convicted.

Freedom is Coming

The cases that really broke me were people rounded up by the authorities on the streets. They were tried and then sentenced on-the-spot in “mobile courts,” without legal representation. One minute, they were free, the next, they were on their way to prison.

So, unbeknownst to these inmates, the day of their salvation had come. As they came into the Warden’s office, I think they assumed they were being transferred to another prison or were in further trouble.

The look of joy on their faces when informed of their release remains etched in my memory. We gave each person a stipend to find their way home and then wished them well. I’ve never seen those former inmates again.

HONY – Doing God’s Work

Another platform that really saves people is Humans of New York. Random lives are transformed because of stories shared with a stranger. The outpouring of love, recognition and support bestowed by the HONY community changes destinies.

Knowing what I know now, how can I accept that no one is coming to save me? If you are crying for help, it’s because you have already done what you can. You are neither lazy nor irresponsible. You have given what you have and done what you know. And now, you just need a break. You need a savior and help will come.

Impact and Purpose

I like projects that have a clear impact. Even now, in my investment club, Vizient Coop, it is our member stories that fill me with purpose – people who can now afford a Master’s or their children’s tertiary education because of their investments.

Individuals can take a chance on a new business because of the SME loans they’ve received as members. And eyes are now open because people took our free investment course.

Here’s My Word to You

Do you have the opportunity to lift a person up without expecting a benefit in return? Then you must take that chance. Maybe you run a business and can infuse purpose into your products. Do so now. And if you can drop everything to give someone a word of encouragement, say what’s in your heart immediately.

Your contribution matters because someone desperately needs you to save them.

Thank you for reading.

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