Nigerians need therapy.

We are in desperate need of healing and require deliverance from our predilection for plotting evil against one other.
We must quench our gleeful joy when we pull down the successful and overcome our preference for the religious shackles of the Law. We must shed the belief that things must be difficult instead of easy.

Nigerians needs therapy.

Everything around us oozes mediocrity. We drive with selfish rage and are uncaring of our unknown dead. We celebrate family more in death than in life. We laud hypocritical dislocated marriages and “suffering & smiling” is in our DNA. We treat employees like wretches and approach the sexes with suspicion. We godify religious & political leaders and lie, cheat & scheme to get money by any means necessary. We institutionalise corruption.

We all need therapy.

We must transform our environment and surround Nigerians with order and not chaos. We must beautify our streets & parks and justice and equity must typify our courts. Excellence must resurrect our schools and consideration & innovation must become the hallmarks of our corporate culture. Inspiring servant leadership must describe Government and Civil Servants must simplify processes and make them transparent. National pride must bubble up in the hearts of citizens and foreigners must confer us with respect when we travel. Our land must overflow with business opportunities and people must prosper. Predictable power supply must be taken for granted and
a questing culture must evolve that celebrates independent thinking and change. We must be set free from bastardised cultural norms and historical provincialism. Unity & faith, peace & progress as inscribed on our coat of arms must become our operating principles.

Until we do all these and more, we remain a broken people in need of therapy.