Last year, I became afraid of God’s casual statements. Afraid in an exciting and wondrous way.

My relationship with God is simplistic. When I need to discuss something important, I spend quality time with him. I read the Bible and while doing so, God speaks to me. I also talk to him in the stillness of my bathroom. My bathroom is the most important part of the house. It is where I am completely alone with God; no distractions.

Sometimes, when I’m troubled and bring a matter to God, he casually dismisses it. It’s almost like the topic is inconsequential and he would rather focus on more important things. Any time he does this, I sit up. It is good to pay close attention to what God considers important. It may be life altering.

When God talks about the things that are important to him, he is businesslike. I become the employee and he, the boss. He presents an idea and over many months, he refines it. I go to sleep thinking about an unresolved part of the idea and wake up with a solution.

God has many projects he’s working on. But, he seeks willing hands and urgent feet. Many are willing. Few act fast.

One reason why I never make New Year Resolutions, is because God changes direction very quickly. I would rather spend time with him, and anytime I sense the direction he wishes to go, I move. This may happen in January, October or even May. So, I rarely plan too far ahead.

Last year, if anyone had told me that my focus would pivot to investments, from branding and social media, I would have laughed. I never saw it coming. I could never have planned it.

As I close out the year, I have a new mission that burns so brightly in my heart: “Help the honest and hardworking to become wealthy”. I want people like me, who work hard, to translate their salaries and earnings to wealth. And because they are honest, I believe they will do good with their income.

Some people have asked why my investment course is cheap. They appreciate the value and have attended comparable courses. So, they wonder why I price mine low. It’s simple. My course is a filter.

My investment course helps me to identify those who value knowledge and are interested in growing their wealth. It separates the enterprising from those who never take action. During the course, I engage with participants. I can sense whether they share my values and whether I can do business with them. If I recognise an affinity, I invite them into my Private Investment Club.

In the new year, I will continue to teach about investing. I will write more, but I suspect I will focus on wealth and life.

I’m currently building a video library of some of my best investment lessons. I will update it monthly.

I now create customised investment courses for high net-worth individuals and private groups. And, I provide investment coaching. I find that my expertise in product strategy and investment gives me a very unique perspective. I am able to look at an investment opportunity and dissect the business case in minutes. I have been doing this for entrepreneurs for free, but I will no longer do so.

Finally, my speaking engagements will become more structured. I will prioritise investment related topics and those centred around the impact of (social) media on culture & faith. I will rarely do PowerPoint presentations and I will give preference to interactive sessions.

This is my “plan” for the new year. Knowing God, it may change .

It's good to pay attention to what God considers important. It may be life altering. Click To Tweet God is working on many projects. But, he seeks willing hands and urgent feet. Click To Tweet