In my earlier posts on my God walk, I described how as a child, I couldn’t reconcile God with fear, wretchedness and unhappiness. At the time, it seemed God took sadistic pleasure in making his followers poor, unkempt, judgmental and condemnatory. I figured if this was what Christianity was like, then I wanted nothing to do with it.

Then I met someone who made me see that I could be a Christian and be intelligent, prosperous and free to live life to the fullest. I also fell in love with God’s word. I saw there was much more to God than transactions – giving God money, service & worship and he giving you healing & prosperity in return. I learnt to spend time with God, just because. I also joined a close-knit fellowship in school and all of a sudden, I had 70 friends all at once. I finally understood what Christian love felt like.

But, I struggled with my new-found relationship with God. I was dealing with an addiction and didn’t understand why I couldn’t overcome it with my willpower.

One day, after rising and falling so many times, God asked a question, “If someone were to ask you to describe me, what would you say?” I replied, “You are loving, kind and long-suffering.” Immediately I said the word, long-suffering, a light bulb went off in my head. I was struggling with guilt, when God had forgiven me over and over again. Every time I fell short, he forgave me. He was long-suffering. In that moment, God took over my struggle.

I’ve had so many God experiences, but if I were to summarise what I’ve learned about him, I would do so in six points:

1. God is incredibly kind. He turns failure into teachable moments and he never condemns. Even in times when I’m about to do something silly; like Optimus Prime, he reminds me in a calm authoritative voice, “Have you forgotten who you are?!”

2. God has a phenomenal mind. He is very intelligent. I sit at the back of church for a few reasons, one of which is that I like to write while I tap into the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. When the Holy Spirit steps in during worship, my mind connects with his and I write. I do not want to be distracted and I do not want to distract those around me.

3. God wants to be wanted. There was a time I used to meet with God at 7pm on Thursdays. Several times, he would get there before me. One day, I asked why, and he said he looked forward to our meetings. If you sincerely show up for God, he will be there waiting for you too.

4. God wants to speak with his children all the time. It’s his default setting. My heart aches when I hear of people fasting and praying, just to hear from God.

5. God wants to have a custom relationship with you. Develop your own relationship with God, not a version of someone else’s. Stop trying to be like your pastor or a motivational speaker. Be you. For instance, I once told God that church customs wear me out and so, I take a break on some Sundays. I don’t always connect with God through worship music, but I do so when I read my Bible. I am easily distracted when I pray, so I ask God to suggest what to pray about. Be free to forge your own unique relationship with your heavenly father.

6. Give your life to God, even if it’s in stages. I have given my career to God. But there are so many other parts of my life I am yet to give. It’s the reason I cannot sing, “I Surrender All”, in good conscience. I would be lying. Take the first step in giving your life to God and watch as he gives his life to you in return – his peace, his joy, his company and his unflinching loyalty.

Thank you for reading.

PS: If you’d like to begin your own God Walk, it’s easy. Simply say a short prayer asking God to walk with you. Then begin to read the Bible to become acquainted with God’s thoughts. 

God wants to have a custom relationship with you. Forge your own unique relationship with your heavenly father. Click To Tweet Give your life to God and watch as he gives his life to you in return - his peace, his joy, his company and his unflinching loyalty. Click To Tweet