I’ve given a lot of thought to the saying, “Money changes people.” Perhaps, it is not money per se. But what it carries on its wings – power, access and knowledge.

Power is Power

It was Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones who famously said, “Power is Power.” You see, power is a curious animal. It can easily go with money in a capitalist or corrupt society. It gives those who have it the illusion of being special. Strangers will be drawn to you and friends may defer to you. It could appear like the rules don’t always apply where you are concerned.

People will sell their souls to live in this bubble of power; this air of invincibility. It makes them feel safe and in control. It also feeds their egos. But as we all know, even those born to wealth eventually have their struggles. The rich also cry.

A World of Access

Then, there’s access. Suddenly, you are invited by others into rooms that were impenetrable. You can afford things that were previously out of reach. Your tastes might change and standards alter. This response is not always a bad thing. You must reach for higher aspirations, as long as they enrich your soul and life’s experiences.

New Knowledge Awaits

Finally, your mind becomes assailed by new knowledge. There’s a form of education that comes with money. You learn things that are not immediately apparent to the general public. People also share privileged information with you. As a result, you may become unfairly impatient with others. You wonder why they are not at your level. Knowledge begins to puff up.

Some Things Remain Constant

All of these point to one thing. Let your net-worth change while your values remain constant. Yes, you will be tempted to swap old friends for new ones and that is your prerogative. But those who represent core values like loyalty and honesty must stay.

Make time for the people that have your back. Grow with them. Invite them into your bright and shiny new world. Carry them along so they can also learn what you know. Don’t leave them behind. Seek their help and support. Include them always. The same goes for your significant other.

I wish you the best in your journey.

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