Unless they are life coaches, therapists or very wise, many mentors cannot help their mentees to see multiple paths to their life goals. Usually, the mentors can only model what they know – their own paths and decisions.

Unfortunately, those things may not be right for a mentee. They may then spend years erroneously applying the lessons they’ve been taught.

Some mentors don’t allow their proteges to graduate with grace. They are afraid to let them go, for fear they may not find anyone else as competent, trustworthy or loyal.

Some mentors don’t admit the mistakes they have made and passed on as knowledge. Knowledge based on faulty beliefs or incomplete information. These mentors are not bad people. They just taught what they knew. Unfortunately, their followers spend years applying their faulty teachings and moving in the wrong direction.

As mentees, all of this means that in life, you must apply independent thinking and take personal responsibility. Whenever your mentor teaches, filter their words through your thinking and decision-making capacity. The poorer your capacity, the greater your chances of being misled.

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