If you’re an aspiring manager in an organisation that believes in meritocracy, let me help you on your journey. Having risen from Trainee to Executive Director and Shareholder in my organisation, perhaps my observations and insights might be useful to you.

See, 4 types of people make it to top management:

1. The Closer
2. The Meticulous
3. The Believer
4. The Rainmaker

THE CLOSER: If you’ve ever watched Suits, Harvey Specter comes to mind. There are some people who just get ish done – no excuses. You give them a job and go to sleep knowing the job will be done. You give them young people to mentor and are sure they will demand the same level of performance from them. They are priceless in any organisation and almost always make it to the top.

Brilliant people who lack an eye for detail or the ability to deliver on schedule are a pain and need to be micro-managed. They are rarely put in charge of anything or anyone. But they can prosper within their organisations based on their contributions.

THE METICULOUS: This group comprises detail oriented mavens, quality controllers and process efficiency experts. They provide the back-end support for excellent organisations and brands. They are invaluable.

THE BELIEVER: Believers are custodians of organisational culture. They are the bridge to the next generation and identify completely with a company’s values. They protect, shield and promote an organisation. They are its brand ambassadors and internal mentors.

THE RAINMAKER: Simply put, rainmakers make money for an organisation. They may be deficient in their jobs but are master networkers and deal makers. They ensure that a steady stream of income flows to an organisation.

So, are you CLOSER, METICULOUS, BELIEVER or RAINMAKER? If you’re none of the foregoing, perhaps it’s time to consider a career in a politicised organisation where progression is not based on merit. Just joking.