There’s this song we sing in church, “Majesty”. As I pondered the song, it occurred to me that I didn’t really know what it meant. Another song that I became cautious about singing is, “I Surrender All.” At the time, I knew I wasn’t ready to surrender all to God and so I stopped lying about it.

I have not had the opportunity to meet a living Sovereign (or at least one that I remember). Never have I had an open vision (or a dream) about heaven’s throne. So, I truly don’t know what “majesty” feels like. I know what love feels like, but not majesty.

I’ve watched movies about Kings and Queens, but those movies left me with impressions of cruelty and distance. They also say nature ought to inspire a sense of wonder at the creator. Nature intrigues me. But I’m not the outdoorsy type, so it doesn’t astound me.

I wonder how much of our faith is influenced by imagination – the capacity to see things in one’s mind’s eye. And, how much of it is formulaic and filled with empty words we neither mean nor understand.

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