A while ago, a tweet from @CSLewisDaily caught my eye and taught me a few lessons. It read, “God cannot give you happiness outside of himself”. If God could, he would. The nature of his kindness is such that, he would do almost anything to ensure his beloved are happy. However, the limitation of creation is that a created being has no purpose outside of the original intention of the creator. We are limited by our design.

The best analogy I can use is marriage. In marriage, you entrust the provision of your deepest emotional needs to your spouse. For instance, if a woman’s primary love language is conversation, a husband could choose to ignore it. He could say: “I don’t want to adjust my habits or personality. After all, my wife knew who I was before she married me, so she should deal with the consequences.” The decision not to change effectively sentences the wife to a lifetime of unhappiness. Or, she is forced to look elsewhere. The strangest thing is, the man suffers too. Every good man knows when his wife is not happy, he isn’t as well.

It’s similar to a relationship with God. We could say, “Why did he enter a relationship with us, if he knew we were going to malfunction? He should accept us like that.” But, if you decide not to change and to make time for God, you sentence yourself to a lifetime of misery while hurting him too.

Try a little experiment. Spend 5 minutes each morning for a week, just talking to God. Tell him what you think of him and what confuses you about him. Tell him your fears, challenges, hopes and dreams. You might be pleasantly surprised at what happens to your relationship with him.

Spend 5 minutes each day for a week, just talking to God. Tell him what you think of him and what confuses you about him. You may be pleasantly surprised. Click To Tweet

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  1. Not sure God is in the business of bending over backwards to make us ‘happy’ (happiness is too fragile a thing that I can’t imagine it would be God’s preoccupation). That aside, I’m taking you up on your 5 minutes advice. Thanks 🙂

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