I learnt a few lessons recently that I would like to share.

Last week was emotionally draining. People died, work & family issues surfaced, local & international regulatory issues needed solving and recalcitrant vendors were manifesting. It seemed like there was one bad news after another, and I was tired.

One evening, I sat down to write in my journal and got to the header called Gratitude.

I wrote, “I am thankful for problems that can be solved.” It hit me that of all the issues I was dealing with, the only ones that couldn’t be solved were the deaths. This gave me a new perspective. I resolved to attack problems with a solution mindset and to stop waiting for them to be resolved on their own.

During the same period, a particular vendor really annoyed me. As I was about to give him the response he deserved, I heard God say, “You can’t get angry with children.” 

When kids act up, they do so because of something else entirely or because they don’t know any better. You can’t descend to their level or get unnecessarily worked up. This insight has made me calm when dealing with incredibly stupid situations.


I just watched the first 5 episodes of Loki, a spin-off from Marvel Comics’ Thor franchise. The star, Tom Hiddleston is really good. (He also played a small supporting role in The Avengers.) Loki, is like Blofeld from the James Bond franchise getting a spin-off of his own. 

When you are a star, your excellence shines through the tiniest of roles. Your current stage becomes a springboard to a bigger one. That’s why, whenever you have a choice between two competing roles, choose the one that’s designed for meritocracy and plays to your strengths. If you do well, you will not only receive the credit you deserve; you will also be propelled forward.

For more, please read Pursuit of Happiness.

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