I love to give away knowledge on social media. But I never give away my professional services or time for free. Never. I will say no faster than you can complete the request. This is because if I ever came to your store, you wouldn’t give me your goods for free.

That said, I do not hoard information on social media and do not believe in hiding secrets to success. My joy is seeing the people I mentor become richer and more successful than me. That is the way of life. The young shall grow. Children must become more successful than their parents.

For every blog post I write, there are five more waiting to be written. For every lesson I share, I learn three new ones the next day. God has been lavishly generous with his wisdom, so I simply pay it forward.

I do not fear competition. I relish it. It makes me better; more excellent. I have a life path that has been carved out by Jesus. I do not wish to tread on anyone else’s, nor do I envy anyone’s success story.


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