I once wrote about an opportunity to invest in poultry farms which closed in less than three hours (albeit, with a three-day advance notice). In investment, as opportunities are being presented to you, they are also being presented to others. There’s also time-value of money. Those who invest early, make more when an opportunity is scarce, than those who flood in when the deal has become commoditised. Furthermore, there are times when you need to quickly transfer assets from one investment class to another to forestall loss. In investment, speed matters. But balance speed with good judgement.

Here are a few important points to note:

1. Do your research before an opportunity comes along. If you’re interested in property for instance, learn all you can now, before you have the funds to invest. (I have written at least three articles on property on my website, by the way. Please start here.)

2. Be financially ready. I’ve written about setting up an investment account. When an opportunity to invest comes, you may use the funds you’ve already set aside.

3. Identify experts. You should have a good lawyer and banker on speed dial. These are people you can easily reach to get opinions from, when you’re considering an investment opportunity. And, don’t hesitate to pay for their services, if need be. (It’s better to have a lawyer review agreements, than to try to save money by figuring them out on your own.)

I hope these points help. I wish you all the best in your investment journey.


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