I was standing outside an elevator in Abu Dhabi with a friend and her two energetic kids. I held on to one; she the other. For some reason, our key cards didn’t work (without which we couldn’t use the elevator) so her husband left to sort things out at the reception.

As we waited, a European gentleman walked up to the elevator and asked if we were getting on it. We said we were waiting for someone.

The gentleman explained that he was claustrophobic and wanted someone to ride on the elevator with him. Another guy who overheard the conversation volunteered to go with him and to remain in the elevator till it reached the guy’s floor. Just before the doors closed, we heard him say, “Are you okay? Should I hold your hand?”

Such kindness.

I learnt a few things that day:

1. If you need help, ask for it. It took courage for the guy to admit to two total strangers that he needed help.

2. If you can’t help, say so and make room for someone else to help. Don’t string people along.

3. When you become aware of a problem, even if you’re a bystander, as long as it is in your power to help, offer it.

May kindness be found in you. May you be humble enough to seek help. May help interrupt your circumstances in delightful ways.

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