You are free in Christ. So many doors are open to you. Opportunities. Experiences. No one is holding you. There is liberty. But there are some experiences that are not worth having. They change your soul.

You are like a finely constructed machine, constantly being programmed by media. And you have the capacity to install more software. It may be the word of God, conversation, prayer, travel, movies, music…whatever your eyes see, your ears hear, your mouth speaks and your body experiences.

Sometimes, your software programmes you for joy. Other times, new knowledge is installed. But some inputs leave memories and scars. They change, twist and bend the essential you. You become another version of yourself and it’s so hard to return to who you were. There is no way back, only forward. But God is kind. His Word is the ultimate software and it can reboot any failing system.

Today, consider what programmes you’re running in your soul and what software you’re letting into your system. Are you programming yourself for goodness, excellence, intelligence, relationships and love? Or are you programming yourself for darkness, compulsion, waste, desolation, pain and regret?

You are free in Christ. You have liberty. But there are some experiences not worth having. Click To Tweet