The importance of a proper work/life balance has become a priority. Finding your reason to take a breather – to pause, reflect and clear your head – is a necessity.

Let’s face it, any God-given mission is challenging. Work is painful. After all, it’s called hard work for a reason. That’s why I advocate for a soft, private life.

Your home and personal life must be so peaceful and beautiful, that they give you the energy and motivation to do hard things. You won’t survive otherwise.

(Health) Benefits of a Soft Life

Without softness, you will become an executive with stress-related illnesses. Hypertension. Bad cholesterol. Stroke. Insomnia. You will become a high-flyer with a bad marriage and terrible relationship. And, you won’t have real friends in your corner.

Having no time to nurture love is a myth. No one gets to your level in life without knowing how to efficiently schedule things. So, you’re just failing to apply your competencies where you need them the most.

Yesterday, I felt incredible joy. I began my day with music. Victor Thompson’s adaption of One Naira featuring Waje, was on repeat. I’ve been singing along to it and rediscovering my musical gifts.

I sat on my balcony wicker chair watching the sunlight stream across the freshly mowed lawn. I drank coffee, prayed and read my Bible. My phone was off and no one could reach me. I was living, finding my reason.

Later in the day, I caught up with friends and then journaled. These are the things that create a soft life. Not endless work.

Create Your Soft Life

You should spend your money on living and seeking better self care. And, you must stop comparing yourself to others because what is appropriate for someone doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

I liken it to what happens at the gym. It’s often noisy, busy and a bit of a sensory overload. But I’ve learnt to focus on my exercise routine and to get in and out quickly. I ignore all the flashy additional equipment I can’t use.

People go to the gym for different reasons. Some are there for physical rehabilitation. They are recovering from injuries. Some were told by their doctors to lose weight and to get frequent cardio. Others come for aesthetic pursuits – chiseled abs and sculpted butts. People like me go to remain alive. Although we hate exercise, we know it’s necessary for a long life.

Knowing why you do the things you do motivates you and keeps you focused. Find your reason.

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Your home and personal life must be so peaceful and beautiful, that they give you the energy and motivation to do hard things. You won't survive otherwise. Click To Tweet

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