Let me share a few things I’ve learned recently:

  1. A while ago, I began wondering whether I was doing anything significant in life. You know how we all get caught up in activities and duties but worry if they matter. Two days ago, I heard in my spirit that my most impactful work wasn’t what I assumed it would be. I was making an impact, just not in the way I had originally imagined. I found the answer in quietness, when I ceased activity. Sometimes, what you’re looking for can be found when you stop striving and start listening.
  2. I’ve learnt to apply division of labour with God. There are some things that are my work and there are other things that are God’s work. I ought to let God do his work and stop worrying or trying to control things. I need to decide if I trust God. If I do, I should believe what he says.
  3. I refuse to let other people’s achievements tension me on social media. I refuse to believe my life is little compared to theirs. In fact, I have stopped spending so much time on social media. Most achievements are done offline. While you’re scrolling through people’s feeds, they are busy working and achieving offline.
  4. The process is life. I’m the type of person who finishes work first and then rewards myself after. I’m learning to stop this; to enjoy the process instead of waiting for the result; to infuse moments of joy while waiting; to embrace it all.
  5. Life experiences and ideologies are based on information that is available to you. There really is no shortcut. If I want to change my life, then I must learn new things and meet new people.

What have you learned recently?

The process is life. Enjoy it instead of waiting for the result. Infuse moments of joy while waiting. Embrace it all. Click To Tweet