Let me explain something about customer service. When there’s a problem, the WORST thing you can do as a service provider, is to run away. For a client, there are few things more irritating and frustrating than radio silence, unavailability and lack of communication.

As a business person, please set aside a passive-aggressive fear of confrontation and own your shit. Think of alternatives, offer compensation, bear the cost of finding an external expert to do what you can’t. Above all, be available, be responsive and communicate often. No one will beat you.

A lack of communication gives the impression that you’re solving the problem at your own pace. It demonstrates a lack of awareness of the lost revenue the client is experiencing because of the problem. Finally, it assumes your client is a mind reader and will “understand”. Communicate your challenges in writing; even consider renegotiating pricing if need be, but please show that you’re trying to solve the problem.

Few things are more irritating to a client, than radio silence, unavailability and lack of communication. Click To Tweet