Do you run or work in a creative company? Here are 10 core attributes I’ve developed to help you. You should rate your enterprise on each point.

1. A creative company is a hotbed of ideas. It’s at the edge of the innovation curve. It consistently creates and develops new content.

2. The company develops the leadership capacity of its staff while bringing in fresh blood – people who are younger and smarter than the veterans.

3. The organisation ensures that hard-nosed business types are on its payroll. It courts pragmatics who sell ideas and products for optimal profit. It employs bean counters who ensure projects don’t run over budget and that overheads are kept low.

4. A creative company has a sustainable business model. There is a clear path to profit.

5. The company encourages continuous learning and places a premium on training and skills acquisition.

6. A creative company does not stifle innovation with lack and discontent. It ensures staff are well paid and provided the necessary tools to work with.

7. The organisation recognises the invaluable roles of competition & challenges in bringing out the best in staff. It pushes staff hard and demands more.

8. A creative company knows the best talents need a purpose beyond profit. It offers them that purpose.

9. The company provides a path to ownership; rewarding faithful staff for their contributions.

10. Finally, a creative company leaves behind a legacy of great products, systems and people.

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