Hello. I hope you are keeping safe? I’ve been sorrowful about COVID-19 and so, I am making a contribution. I will donate slots in my Investment Course.

The Background

The word that kept coming to me as I considered the virus, was “waste”. Not only is the virus laying waste to lives, the economic impact will resound for a very long time. It will devastate dreams, businesses, investment portfolios, nations and families. The world will not miraculously return to “normal”. Those who wait and do nothing will be overwhelmed.

Two conversations brought the reality home and made me decide to help.

I spoke to a gentleman who used to work with an oil company. Used to, because in the space of a few weeks, cratering oil prices meant he was furloughed and then subsequently relieved of his contract position. He once earned in Dollars. He recently built a house and had plans for an Ivy League education for his teenage kids. Now, he’s sitting on a dead asset that has lost 1/3rd of its Dollar asset value. He has no other investments.

I spoke to a pleasant older lady. Recently retired from the Military. About 3 years ago, she “invested” her savings in an industrial farm. The plan was to earn income to live on, in her retirement. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has disrupted the farm’s business model and its corporate off-takers have reneged on their agreements. Now she’s chasing a company whose founders are too frightened to pick her calls.

Both individuals said something that gave me chills – “Subomi, I wish I had met you years ago. I would have made better investment decisions.”

About the Investment Course Giveaway

In response to COVID-19, I’d like to open up my Investment Course at no cost, to at least 100 individuals who need to pivot in these uncertain times. A few will join my private investment tribe and receive guidance from me personally. I know my course is impactful because 50% of participants report they achieved at least 50-75% financial freedom in 3 years. A significant portion of their annual expenses is met by investment returns.

How to Apply

Are you the one I’m looking for? Are you in your 30s or 40s and have some savings you would like to future-proof as much as possible? Maybe you would like to endow your children’s education fund now, before Naira depreciation wipes out the value. Perhaps you want to be financially responsible – you never invested in times of plenty and want to make a change now. You are confused and wondering who to trust and which credible investment platforms to use.

If I’m describing you, then apply here for one of the 100 slots. If you know someone who fits the description, send this message to them and ask them to apply.

This is NOT a basic financial literacy course. It’s for those who have the capacity to take action; to practice what they’ve learned by transforming into active investors. It is also NOT for those who lack the capacity for focused online self-learning.

I will choose the participants at my discretion, from time-to-time. There will be no entitlement here, and I will not entertain private messages. If you want to know what you’ll learn, the curriculum is here.

Again, here is the application link. I am bearing the cost of this and it is a significant time and resource commitment. Only successful candidates will be contacted. Do NOT send me reminders.

Thank you and please share.

I've been sorrowful about COVID-19 and so, I am making a contribution. I will donate slots in my Investment Course. Here's how you can apply. Click To Tweet