I watched with interest as conspiracies swirled around the genesis and implications of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Two main controversies have clanged the loudest.

One of the COVID-19 conspiracies posits that 5G, a fifth generation wireless communications technology, is the direct cause of the virus.

Another more nuanced opinion, believes the virus is a pre-planned crisis in service of broader agenda – limitations to human privacy, progression of a one-world government and control of human movement & free will. 5G and vaccinations are tools, the narrative goes. Therefore, this school of thought purports that the virus will lead to the global adoption of a vaccine and more sophisticated technologies, which will aid the aforementioned agenda.

For the first camp, I believe the adherents require education as a prelude to engagement. Someone rightly raised the issue, “How do you have a productive debate with someone who cannot define 5G, frequency or wave?” It’s akin to debating the 1918 influenza pandemic with someone who watched an Instagram Live clip where it was discussed. But, the person never bothered to read the actual document that was referenced, afterwards. Engagement would be largely unyielding with such a soul.

As to the second camp, I will not minimise the real suffering, sacrifices and catastrophic impact brought about by the coronavirus, by giving COVID-19 conspiracies merit. However, I would like to share some insight about conspiracies and global agenda, in general. It may help to frame the discussions and explain why those who loudly vituperate without depth or scope may do more harm than good.

First, global movements to limit freedoms and centrally amass power have been in play for Millennia. A simple online search for “Conspiracies that turned out to be true” will yield some very shocking facts. These events predate you and many more will outlive you.

Second, tracking technologies already exist. If you register your COVID-19 conspiracies and verbalise your thoughts via Gmail or a social network, or perhaps you conduct a search about them on an internet browser, you have already acceded to being tracked. The terms and conditions you glossed over and accepted, while downloading your apps, gave those platforms access to an incredible amount of personal and location data. That data is being sold with your permission, albeit anonymously (allegedly). It is already too late.

Third, global plans by secret and not so secret societies have a minimum time line of twenty years. It’s like politics. People don’t wake up 1 year to an election and hope to win. They take a long view. Therefore, what you fail to grasp, is that by the time you’re palpitating about an alleged conspiracy, what you’re seeing is very likely staged. No global plot succeeds without a sophisticated PR programme. In fact, part of the strategy is to control the narrative through propaganda. What you see is what you are permitted to see.

Fourth, there’s a principle of negotiation that perfectly applies to agenda setting. During a negotiation, if the price of an item quoted by an adversary is $100 and I wish to pay only $70, I start my bidding at $50. I make a big show of it, even going on social media to sponsor articles about my opponent. Maybe I’ll hire the best lawyers. Perhaps, drag concerned and unconcerned parties into the matter. So much bile and bitterness will be created, that by the time an offer of $70 is made and I grudgingly “accept”, the other party assumes victory. They think $70 is the lesser evil, without realising that was my goal all along.

In a conspiracy, what is being shouted about is the distraction and not the goal. It gets everyone busy and focused on one thing, while preparing everyone to accept the “lesser evil”.

Finally, money, power and influence are the tools for agenda setting. If you don’t have all three and if you don’t possess a seat at the table, then you are on the menu.

I’ll add one more thing – Structure. Global movements thrive because they hijack the tools of state. They enact legitimate laws; co-opt legitimate public servants; own and control legitimate traditional & digital media platforms. And, they use legitimate NGOs to raise petitions and lead protests. The noise is very coordinated and strategic. it’s not just an exercise of vocal energy. However, the weakness of using structures is that whenever the agenda is exposed, there are real paper trails. That’s the power of Wikileaks. Documented and verifiable proof of conspiracies, not just online talk.

Now, here’s some advice for you. If you represent a good cause, yet you are scattered and lack structure; if you alienate people with insults and arrogance, you are ill equipped to entrench good on a global scale. And, owning fringe and insular media doesn’t count. You need mainstream secular structures that are adopted and respected by the general public.

If you truly want to impact your world, focus your “shouting”. Get money, power and influence. Then, build secular structures to amplify your message. Collaborate. Build Chaebols if you have to. Otherwise you’re a nuisance that will be swatted away when you eventually run out of steam.

Thank you for reading. You may learn about my webinar about navigating uncertain times here.

Money, power and influence are the tools for agenda setting. If you don't have all three and if you don't possess a seat at the table, then you are on the menu. Click To Tweet