Someone on my timeline wondered why I take on controversial topics, particularly religion. I do so for a couple of reasons:

1. From my study of scripture I understand the role of the Church in the world encompasses reconciliation, love, cultural relevance, national transformation and social justice (cf. Matthew 5.13-16 and Ephesians 1.15-23 MSG).  I believe Jesus did not come to start a new “religion” but to restore mankind to its former status as children of God and his allies in the political space called Earth.

With this in mind, I am saddened that the Church has become so mired in and distracted by controversy and relative morality (“us” vs. “them”) that we seem to have lost sight of our primary calling. Therefore I address controversial topics head-on so some people can move past them to focus on their primary mandate.

2. I am deeply passionate about this and the next generation. I want them to know that it’s okay to question authority and think through issues they might have. I want them to understand that Jesus is the Logos, therefore he is very intellectual and appeals to reason. In fact the broader a mind is, the larger its imagination and capacity to believe God for fantastic things, hence unshakeable faith.

I want members of this generation to have very personal and unfettered relationships with God devoid of human intermediaries. I am also very aware of how media shapes popular culture and thought, so I think more Christians should play in the media space through writing, film, music, social media etc.

3. My relationship with God is such that I can ask him anything and ponder everything. He gave me the gift of intellect so I am obliged to use it. He has shown me great grace and mercy – I have experienced the best of Christianity and been privileged to have really great tutors and Pastors. Therefore I am appalled at the terrible things portrayed in the name of Christianity including fetishism, commercialisation, mind control and legalism. They do not represent Christianity and I will not sit back, keep quiet and allow people to assume so.

4. By engaging with other minds on social media, I learn, become better, build deeper character and gain allies in the Great Commission.