I used to attend a church with a wonderful children’s section. In particular, the nursery for children less than 1 year old, was very good.

Over the years, the nursery became overwhelmed and understaffed. An investigation was carried out to determine why. It was discovered that some new mothers would come to church (often in their pajamas) to drop their children off. They would then return home to catch a much-needed break, while the service was going on. (Service was between 2.5 to 3 hours long.) Members of nearby churches would also drop their children off at my church’s nursery because of its quality, then go off to attend their own churches.

The church’s response to its discoveries has stuck with me till today. It didn’t stop mothers from dropping off their children (whether they planned to attend the service or not). Rather, it expanded its facilities and recruited additional staff. As far as the church was concerned, it was providing a resting place for weary mothers and that was the essence of church.

I find that God’s idea of church is sometimes different from what man defines it to be. Sometimes man assumes church is a finely choreographed service. God on the other hand, focuses on people.

In that same church that I described, people complained that they needed dictionaries to understand the sermons, as they were highly cerebral. They also bemoaned the female celebrities who attended in skimpy outfits.

Looking back on my life (and the lives of some people I know who attended the church), I now realise something. God was teaching me about his immeasurable grace and lack of judgment. Nowadays, when I write on social media, I also see that in placing me in that church, God was sharpening my mind. He was building a foundation of intelligent Christianity in me and a capacity to weave words into poetic expression.

I think pastors and ministers should pay close attention to what God is doing in their churches. They should be bold to follow the move of God. They should be more afraid of the one who sent them (God) than those they are sent to (the crowd). I believe God has a specific programme or flavour for each ministry. They ought to find out what it is.

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