A time of great reformation is coming and the way we do church will eventually change.

I’ve been studying the following scriptures – Hebrews 8:10-12 and Hebrews 9:8-15 AMP.

I invite you to read the full texts while I share some excerpts here.

I will imprint My laws upon their minds [even upon their innermost thoughts and understanding], and engrave them upon their hearts [effecting their regeneration]. And I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

And it will not be [necessary] for each one to teach his fellow citizen, or each one his brother saying, ‘Know [by experience, have knowledge of] the Lord,’ for all will know [me by experience and have knowledge of] me, from the least to the greatest of them.

By this, the Holy Spirit signifies that the way into the Holy Place [the true Holy of Holies and the presence of God] has not yet been disclosed as long as the first or outer tabernacle is still standing…

Accordingly, both gifts and sacrifices are offered which are incapable of perfecting the conscience and renewing the [inner self of the] worshiper. For they [the gifts, sacrifices, and ceremonies] deal only with [clean and unclean] food and drink and various ritual washings, [mere] external regulations for the body imposed [to help the worshipers] until the time of reformation [that is, the time of the new order when Christ will establish the reality of what these things foreshadow – a better covenant].

I believe our current church formats, ceremonies, and orders of service will soon pass to make way for something new.

Over the years, the church has progressively embraced religious practices reminiscent of Old Testament ideologies. Unfortunately, religion is inimical to relationships and the two paradigms are diametrically opposed.

Old wineskins cannot hold new wine.

God craves a relationship with his children. But this often gets lost in routine, rules, and activity. It’s similar to how couples miss the joy of spending time together amidst planning kids’ schedules, buying supplies for the home, or cooking and cleaning. But, the connection happens during shared meals and the conversation that accompanies them.

My sincere prayer is there will come a time when you prefer two hours alone with God to meeting presidents. You will reach a point where everything in your life is rooted in your relationship with God. Where everything flows from the private hours you spend praying, worshipping, and learning.

In time, you will draw a direct line between your successes at work and the wisdom God gives you at home. You will be kinder and more loving because of his influence.

When you need to make a decision or tackle a crisis; you will hasten to the place of prayer to hear God’s opinion. As you attend church, he will point out the things that are relevant to you and the ones that are none of your business.

God will start speaking to and revealing his plans to you. He will make specific promises; sharing his purpose for your life and your community. You will burn with a desire to do good and to execute his plans. Your life will be transformed from commonplace to meaningful.

When these things start happening, you will recognize you have begun a personal relationship with God. For it is when your life stops consisting of what you eat, what you wear, and where you live, that you have transcended to eternal life.

This vibrant life is what God is calling the body of Christ to now. It is a shift from guilt-based Christianity to relationship-oriented fellowship.

It is freedom from condemnation, fear, judgment, and punishment. A movement from rules to understanding.

It is my deepest desire that you experience it. But you must first let go of religion to do so.

PS: I started this series here, and I continue here.  

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