Some people will be alone this Christmas. I speak from experience. I once spent Christmas at home alone with Twenty Two Naira to my name.

It isn’t everyone who has a home town to go to or even a family to speak of. Some are recently bereaved; others have relocated. Some have no close friends or people assume they already have plans and so leave them out. Whatever it is, by some coincidence of circumstance, they will be alone.

I have often admired what Humans of New York (HONY) does every year. I wish others would follow their example. People who would otherwise be alone during the holidays, are asked to send a message to HONY. Those who have extra space around their table or at their event, do likewise. HONY then matches both sets of people.

You may be organising something for the holidays. Why not extend an invitation to someone on your social media timeline or in your network? Are you planning to watch a play, movie or musical? Why not buy two tickets and extend one to someone who wants to go too? Planning a beach outing? Pick someone along the way. This Christmas, let’s make someone a little less lonely.

Now you should share this and tag your friends. Let’s make someone’s Christmas memorable this year.