Sometimes, Christians spend so much time trying to avoid offending people that I wonder if we ever check whether God himself is offended.

The Bible will never win any awards for being the world’s most balanced or uncontroversial book. It rarely balances things. It takes strong moral positions on many issues but does so in love. Therefore, I don’t understand the prevaricating nature of Christians who always seek to “balance” things to avoid offence. So we edit scriptures, theology and truth to achieve “balance” and political correctness.

It’s as if we don’t believe the truth alone can set people free. So we use the word “but” a lot e.g. “Drinking is not a sin but”… We assume the truth on its own is not enough and Christians will freak out if they knew the true extent of grace.

Truth doesn’t give people license to sin. It sets them free. So speak truth. No buts.