I like systems. I want to understand how things work, so I can customise, scale and adapt them. In the same vein, I seek to understand how industries work. Once I understand the fundamentals of an industry, I can decide how to play in it for profit.

This year, I became fascinated by a few companies and individuals. They are quietly doing something in Nigeria – helping to decode industries. You don’t know how monumental that is. In Nigeria, people hoard corporate secrets. Unless you “know people”, you will know nothing about their industries. There are no step-by-step guides. Finding information takes unnatural effort. Some people and companies are changing that.

Jimi Banjo is decoding the export industry. Her bootcamp not only explains the export value chain, but also provides practical support to help individuals ship commodities.

Lifepage is simplifying real estate with the same step-by-step model. They help you to become a real estate consultant in weeks.

Africanfarmer Mogaji is demystifying agriculture with farming cooperatives for urban professionals.

What these individuals and companies are doing is distilling years of experience into replicable classes, bootcamps and networks. They also bring together like-minded people to form networked clubs that leverage effort and finance, at a scale not available to individuals.

A new enterprise model is being formed in Nigeria. Now individuals who never thought themselves capable of entrepreneurship are being empowered to start business with minimal risk and true mentoring. Kudos to these platforms.


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