Lord in my business, help me to use wisdom instead of craftiness; suasion instead of manipulation.

May those who accuse me of using my heart instead of my head, be confounded by the financial fruits of my heart.

Lord, please let me be chased by those who desire competence and integrity. May my customers forever find me on their timelines. May I consistently be in demand by those who value peace and performance.

Lord, silence the mouths of those who declare that few can succeed as introverts or that everyone must be a “hustler”. Prove them wrong. May I achieve things that they cannot even fathom.

Lord, you said that those who walk with you will be wise. You said you would give them hidden treasures and riches in secret places. Therefore, I do not want to compete for common things; basic things.

Lord, demonstrate your grace towards me. Show me mercy I can never deserve. Place me before Kings because I have been diligent. I ask that you honour your word to me.

At the end of the day Lord, may my business be a channel of your goodness towards others. May it never be an end in itself. May I not play the “game”. May business never define me. May my life never be directionless or purposeless without it.