It is okay to be true to yourself despite popular wisdom.

A few weeks ago, I accepted that I don’t like going out. My odds of showing up somewhere reduce by 30% if it’s a physical event. Part of the reason is, I don’t like driving or dressing up. Therefore, virtual events suit me. Online dating works, as I’m able to suss out guys before meeting them physically.

You Are Unique

The only pastimes I readily leave my house for are traveling, spa treatments, movies and café conversations.

I’ve been telling myself I’ll join a dance class but it’s 6 months after and I still haven’t registered. I learnt how to swim and then didn’t step in a pool for over a year. I’ve stopped feeling guilty about those things.

What I prefer to do is to read and learn. To lose myself in written text for hours and hours. I jump at the chance to go for Ivy League courses because I look forward to brainstorming sessions with expectation. Interactive learning environments excite me. And then, there are the long walks I take by myself to unpack my thoughts.

I readily embrace invitations for meals if they will be accompanied by laughter and easy conversation, not gossip. My love language is words, followed by quality time.

Another interesting item I’ve come to terms with – I dislike manual labour of any kind. Any volunteering activity that requires physical work instead of mental exertion will not find me ????. Endless administration or repetition is boring and projects I embark on should have a clear beginning and ending.

Don’t Apologise for Being True to Yourself

Why am I saying all of this? You should consider yourself a unique individual. Then, find what works for you and own it with your full chest.

You don’t need to give a gracious reason for not accepting an invitation. And you don’t have to be sad to make others happy. Stop feeling guilty. It’s okay to balk at popular expectations of what fun is. Catch your trips in your own way.

Many of us built our bucket lists from movies and books, not from self-discovery. So, it’s fine if you realize that clubbing is actually boring, while the migrant life of birds is quite fascinating. It’s alright to be thrilled by fishing every summer or snowboarding every winter.

Just do those things for yourself, not for the ‘gram. Be authentic and stop explaining your preferences. You will surely be happier and have peace.

I wish you the best.

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