My hands fit perfectly in yours. They are at home there

My body likes your body. When it’s wrapped around you
I forget its imperfections and blemishes
And revel in pleasurable warmth
And blissful, irresponsible abandon

My thoughts like your thoughts
The perfect blend of the irreverent, corny
Deep and classically funny

My words love to intermingle with yours
In endless explorations
Of new worlds of words

My lips adore your lips
As we fight the curious battle
Of tongue, teeth and liquid fire
How I love to inhale you and get lost in you

I love your house and the peace that it holds
A haven, a restaurant, a cinema, a home
I marvel at your heart
True, large and filled with compassion

It’s amazing how many things I have come
To like and love about you
So it hurts to know I cannot love you anymore
Not like this, not here, not now

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