I was teaching a process at work, and it struck me how the entire world runs on values or the lack thereof. The things we admire the most come from character.

Take a simple workflow. If you love knowledge, you are interested in how things work and the logic behind their design.

Even though you’re tired and bored, self-discipline makes you repeat the same instructions without shortcuts when no one’s looking, Creativity and ownership make you curious. You want to improve things and broaden your scope, without being asked to. And it takes resilience to try again when you fail the first time.

Delayed gratification keeps you going for ages until you finally get the desired reward. Furthermore, excellence reminds you that if you don’t honor the process, the system will devolve into mediocrity and lawlessness. Consequently, people will do what they want whenever they like.

Seemingly simple procedures rise and fall on values. You don’t want to live in a world without principles. One without kindness, grace, mercy, or love.

Consequently, it leads to a place where you look for but can’t find sacrifice or loyalty. Where goodwill and friendship are missing, and people are considered invisible without net worth.

Surely, you wish for much more than that. I know, I do.

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